Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds

The Pyramid: design commission


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As an incentive, Testing Grounds will award a $1,000 commission to one designer/artist or group who propose a permanent change to The Pyramid; transforming it from a blank canvas – empty of inherent meaning – to a potent symbol that resonates with contemporary issues.

  • We are seeking creative projects that bring together design and public art.
  • The design needs to be suitable for outdoor weather, robust, and accessible to the public – both conceptually and physically.
  • While any theme for the proposal is possible, the design should resonate with today’s social, political, economic or cultural contexts.
  • The bricks of the Pyramid still need to be recyclable at the end of the project.
  • Designers/artists are not expected to submit a budget with their proposal, but the selection panel will consider if the proposed design is viable within the allocated budget for the commission. Designers/artists can pay themselves a fee with any money not exhausted on materials and/or install and deinstall.
  • Designers/artists will be credited with a printed didactic on site, on the website, social media and e-newsletter.
  • Designers/artists will retain intellectual property rights for the project, while Testing Grounds will own all materials.

Please email proposals as a single PDF to Arie Rain Glorie, Testing Grounds Program Director and Curator, by 5pm, 9th April 2018.

EMAIL: arie@theprojects.com.au

Include (in a single PDF):



PHONE NUMBER COURSE (if applicable)

LECTURER & UNIVERSITY (if applicable)

DESIGN PROPOSAL – 200 words max (what do you want to do and why)

IMAGE/S – 4 maximum (indicative of the design proposal)

• The winning designer/artist will be notified by email on the 14th, April 2018.

• Designers/artists will be expected to complete the project by 1st of May 2018.

• The design will be exhibited from the 2nd May – 2nd June 2018. The Pyramid will be decommissioned shortly afterwards. Designers/artists will be responsible for de-installing their work at this time (if applicable).

The “back of the pryamid”.

From the side.