Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds

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Please note: Testing Grounds is temporarily closed to the public but is accepting enquiries for help with creative and professional development through Help Desk.

You can apply to use Testing Grounds for a wide variety of creative projects, including (but not limited to) visual art, theatre, dance, performance art, writing, conceptual art, sound art, public art, events and festivals and education-related projects.

We program through an open application process that supports interdisciplinary practice, experimentation and courage. Testing Grounds is a place where people at all levels can test, develop and share their work.

Read more about the program below before submitting an Expression of Interest.

Program objectives

  • Seeing what emerges when divergent groups come together on-site and work alongside and with each other
  • Seeing how the infrastructure can be used in new and unique ways
  • Pooling of knowledge, information and resources for sharing

Program outcomes

  • A creative and education-based program that enhances the community use of Testing Grounds
  • An online archive, documenting and collecting information about the project
  • More agency to be creative
  • More experimentation, more innovation and more discovery
  • An infrastructure project, that provides low-cost space, facilities and equipment and project management support for artists to self-produce and self-curate projects

Selection of projects

  • Testing Grounds programs on an ongoing basis through the online EOI portal
  • Testing Grounds reviews all EOIs and select projects that are considered to be experimental, site-responsive or related to creative education
  • We value projects that bring a diversity of creative practice, cultures and people to the arts precinct
  • We program to find value in creative experience, as well as supporting artistic merit

How does it all come together?

Once you have submitted an EOI we will get back to you, generally within 2-4 weeks. If we want to proceed with your project we will invite you down to the site for a chat or we might get back to you with some feedback for how can develop your project further first.

Your project could last one minute or one year – we are open to possibilities.

Projects with minimal impact on the site and are within our standard hours of operation are free, while larger-scale projects and events might incur a site hire levy to help assist with the costs of additional staffing.  

Multiple projects may be on-site at the same time and projects that don’t mind sharing facilities and equipment are best suited to using the site.