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Testing Grounds

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Three creative events over summer 2019.

Artists and creative practitioners have all sorts of amazing new and experimental skills. But they are often hidden away in studios until showtime.

We cannot hide away any longer. We are in trouble. We need to change course. Now is showtime… 

This series of events makes the action of creating something public, bringing together a spectacular expo of creative innovation and discovery.


What is Showtime?

Showtime is a new kind of art party that whacks a science fair and a country show together with a picture of a sausage dog stapled to a sweet potato. Alongside good food, drinks, and party bangers, these nighttime events will give people agency to be creative in a fun way, leading to more experimentation, more innovation and more discovery.

After all, it could very well be these ideas that end up saving our bacon.

How will it work?

During each evening event, a site-wide choreography of creative demonstrations will encourage people to share creative knowledge, information, and resources that lead to conversations about the future of cities, cultures, technologies and the environment. 

We are seeking applications for creative demonstrations in the form of workshops, participatory performances, happenings, collective actions, or another form we haven’t heard of yet. Demonstrations should draw the audience in as researchers, makers, scientists, educators, architects, designers and artists. 

Artist Fees

  • There is an artist fee of $400 on offer for each demonstration. Demonstrations that may require more than one artist fee are welcome to apply but this needs to be stipulated in the EOI.
  • $300 is NAVA’s minimum recommended “performance” fee for a one-off event by a small organisation.
  • Applicants must have an ABN to apply.

Selection Criteria

We will review all EOIs and will select demonstrations that are considered to be experimental, related to creative education, and take creative risks.

In particular, we will value demonstrations that don’t shy away from spectacle or fun, preferring the bizarre over every day or irrefutable. 

Demonstrations can be one minute short or up to four hours long.

Projects must be suitable to take place outdoors.

In your EOI you should:

  • Address how your demonstration might inspire conversations about the future — of cities, cultures, technologies, or the environment.
  • Address how audiences become implicated (ie. not passive viewers) in the demonstration.

Hot Tips

  • It’s only a small fee, don’t spend more than $400 worth of your time writing the EOI!
  • Write in a simple way and avoid art jargon.
  • Tell us what is interesting about your idea, not why it needs to happen.
  • Try to forget about installations, performance and other established forms of presenting an idea, it doesn’t need to fit a gallery context and we want to break down the wall between artists and audiences.
  • They are going to be busy events, ideas that need quiet space or cannot share space with other people or projects might not be suitable.

Key Dates

  • Applications due August 30
  • All applicants notified of outcome by September 21st 5pm
  • Showtime 1- Feb 1
  • Showtime 2- Mar 1
  • Showtime 3- Apr 5

Demonstrations can be workshops, participatory performances, happenings, collective action, or another form we’ve never heard of…

Got a question? Email Testing Grounds: testing-grounds@theprojects.com.au