Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds

Facilities Overview


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Testing Grounds has four different spaces connected with a large steel canopy structure.

Clear Box

Clear Box is a translucent-walled space – a space to assemble, to invite participation, to invite observation and speculation; a space for residencies, development and studio work. A working studio to house a residency.

White Box

White Box is a white-walled cube, a curated space, a place for finished works and formal exhibition openings; the most formal gallery and studio on site.

Black Box

Black Box is a stage, a theatre, a site for live performance and new works, a space for video, new media and longer developmental works.

Open Box

Open Box is the most basic space with a roof and floor but no walls – unprogrammed, improvised, ad-hoc and openly accessible.

Grounds and Superstructure

A  6m x 6m steel grid forms a superstructure and a framework across the site for shelter, for hanging artworks and for distributing power, lighting, and data. Conceived as a low cost and efficient response to the shape of the site, it is designed to provide maximum utility without prescribing use, allowing for framing, hanging, staging, and countless other possibilities.

The grounds has a number of furniture items (see Kit of Parts) that are all moveable and scaffolding, enabling as much flexibility of use as possible.