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Expressions of Interest: Jaffle Symposium 2019


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Heating up the irons to make some jaffles

Seeking people to lead discussions

We want to hear from everyone who thinks they have fascinating and unique knowledge to share. It could be about anything and it could be presented in any style (academic, performative, an open discussion etc).  In particular, we will be looking to curate a program that covers knowledge from a range of disciplines, including art and culture, science and technology, education and history. We also welcome knowledge that may be considered esoteric. 

Applications are welcome from individuals and/or groups of any age, cultural identity or level of education. 

Submit an expression of interest, outlining your topic and what is interesting about it. Please include a CV or bio, that indicates your expertise or experience.

Please note: discussions can relate to your creative practice, but we will not program artist talks about exhibitions or shows.

What is the Jaffle Symposium?

In winter 2018 we produced four symposiums, with guest speakers Jedda Andrew, Lynda Roberts, David Cross and Field Theory. We talked about how cities, both as infrastructure and embodiments of ideas, might promote or hinder civic agency. We did this while sitting around a fire, outside, making and eating jaffles.

This year we are moving beyond just talking about civic agency, to actually giving agency to talk about whatever you want.

The Jaffle Symposium is written and curated by Arie Rain Glorie.

What will be required?

  • Face to face meetings with Testing Grounds
  • A willingness to collaborate on how the discussion is presented
  • An outline of your discussion submitted one month prior to your talk for approval
  • Sitting around a fire, outdoors, eating jaffles and talking to a group
  • An acquittal after the talk

How much do I get paid for it?

$300 (invoiced with an ABN after your talk)

When is the Jaffle Symposium on?

Between July 20th- August 30th (exact dates to be confirmed)

When is the Expression of Interest due by and when will I find out if I am successful?

11:59 pm, 23rd April 2019

Late EOIs will not be accepted.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome by April 30th.

Hot tips!

We are seeking discussions that are accessible, easy to understand and entertaining.

Use simple language when describing your topic and tell us what is interesting about it, rather than why it is important.

It is only a small fee to become a presenter. Don’t spend more than $300 worth of your time writing this EOI, we can flesh out the ideas later if we progress with it.

If you have any questions, please email arie@theprojects.com.au before submitting your EOI.

Next level jaffle with home grown tomatoes, chutney, gluten-free bread, vintage cheese and fresh basil