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Testing Grounds

Banners Project


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Testing Grounds will commission a series of banners from 2017-2019. This document demonstrates how the banner brackets are used, the process for commissioning and the how the project is further communicated through printed material.

Project Structure

  • Four early-career creative practitioners are commissioned each year (1 commission per season) to create banners, which are commissioned by Testing Grounds. 
  • Creative practitioners are commissioned to create printed designs, use them as a painterly canvas or create works of art using mixed media. Each commission can extend to include writing, performance or new media to incorporate innovative ideas into the banners.
  • Each commission will be celebrated with an ‘opening night’ to coincide with other events at Testing Grounds (sharing a celebration with other projects and exposing the commissions to larger audiences).
  • Didactic resources (print, sound, video, performance etc) that provides insight into the history or story behind the banners will be available to use from the site. This will also be made available online.
  • At the conclusion of each season, flags are submitted to the Testing Grounds archive and, at the conclusion of the banners project in years to come, all the commissions will be exhibited in a large group exhibition.
  • The commission includes a $500 fee for the artists and Testing Grounds will also cover the cost of printing.


Selection and Criteria


  • The proposal will include a short 200-word project synopsis outlining how the project engages with the idea of banners as social and political devices. 
  • The proposal will include up to 4 images outlining the preliminary design of the banners.
  • Submissions should be emailed to Testing Grounds curator: arie@theprojects.com.au
  • There is no deadline for submissions as this is an ongoing project.
  • We will continue with project proposals that meet our overall selection criteria of being experimental, site-responsive or related to creative education. We will value projects that provide access and are inclusive, reflecting a diversity of creative and cultural practices.
  • Creative practitioners are officially engaged in the project when a project agreement has been submitted through the Testing Grounds website and they can invoice for their commission once the banners have been raised.

Banners – Location and specification

  • Visible from City Road, Fanning Street and the Testing Grounds site and surrounds each banner commission will be raised for a maximum of three months.
  • Testing Grounds has custom silk screens that can be used, with in-kind support from RMIT University Print Imaging Practice, School of Art.
  • There are four banner locations across the site to be used for each commission and the dimension of these banners is 180cm x 75 cm.


Banners specification

Project Outcome

Four fully realised and conceptually rigorous banners that are viewed as contemporary artworks, developed in consultation with Testing Grounds.

Banners are created with three audiences and temporal considerations in mind:

  • Passing traffic on City Road  – the largest audience with the least amount of viewing time.
  • People visiting Testing Grounds – viewing the flags from inside the site and from the footpath and using the audio tour or other didactic resources.
  • People viewing and reading about the project online – Reading about the project, viewing documentation of the banners and listening to the audio content on the Culture Victoria and Testing Grounds website.

This first Banners Project commission examines the significance of flags and banners as symbolic forms of resistance in various political movements. Beaziyt used her self-published printed publication, which archived political flags and banners over the past century, as source material to create four typographic banners specifically for the Testing Grounds site. The flags were screen printed in collaboration with Melbourne-based designer, Andrew Clapham.

This process (of screen printing) for the project, draws parallels to processes which were inherent during the revolutionary movements historically occurring during the statements referenced were taken from.

Andrew Clapham

By taking slogans from historical movements and re-contextualizing them in the present through an exploration of colour, font, material and processes, Beaziyt illuminates an alternative way of learning about the political past which characterises so much of the present.

“It’s difficult to imagine the events that characterise human history without the presence of symbols and flags and banners. These instruments of political resistance, national pride, of occupation, act as mirrors, preserving and reflecting the beliefs and aspirations of its people” says Beaziyt.

Glossary of terms


A fixture (as for holding a banner) projecting from a wall or column.


A long strip of cloth bearing a slogan or design, carried in a demonstration or procession or hung in a public place (attached to a bracket).


A piece of cloth attachable by one edge to a pole or rope and used as a symbol or emblem.


Project is used to describe any creative activity taking place on site, be it an exhibition, performance, workshop or panel discussion. The term acknowledges all creative activity as practice-lead research rather than outcome or product.


To respond to conditions of the site and its immediate physical context. To consider the infrastructure, facilities and location when forming, producing or devising the project.