Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

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Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds

James Voller studio


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During his time at Testing Grounds, James will launch his new artist-run public art agency, focusing on increasing the diversity and scope of installations in and around Melbourne.  The artworks generated will explore the space between temporary and permanent methodologies.

James Voller’s practice combines contemporary public art installation and photography. His installations are concerned with architecture, landscape and social histories.

The installations are site responsive and combine the latest architectural materials with public art concepts. His recent works print imagery into glass and metals. James’ works generate illusions that rethink everyday spaces, linking history, architecture and social identity.

Voller holds postgraduate degrees from RMIT and Monash Universities. He has had multiple artist residencies internationally and nationally. In the past 5 years Voller has undertaken over 20 major temporary and permanent public works across Australia.

James V0ller

November 2019

I have been working on establishing my public art agency. Due to unforeseen circumstances,  the systems and investigations I have undertaken have changed to look at materials and methodologies. In particular, I have looked at the potential of transforming processes used in monuments. So far I have been working with etching and printing into tiles. Further, I have been collating a list of artists to undertake collaborative works with at Testing Grounds.

I’m interested in how we can architectural materials combine with art practices to rethink public space. I have gone back to methods I haven’t engaged with in over ten years. I have been creating paste-up works and working with archival imagery.

In the early stages of working at Testing Grounds, I have remembered the importance of testing new ideas free of outcomes. It has led to some interesting new directions and ways of looking at my practice.


December 2019

In the past month, I have been expanded the materials and digital approaches both in my own practice and my new agency. Further, I have been refining the design and processes of Collide – my new public art agency.

After an initial consultation with developers across Australia, I had to consider combining both my own public art research with project managing other artists’ works through Collide. By combining both into one mechanism it will allow me to expand my network and the approaches and styles of work my company undertakes.

I have been experimenting through working with three developers and construction firms. Hickory in North Melbourne, Mirvac in Moonee Ponds and Billbergia in North Sydney.

The larger my public artwork commissions become, the less time I spend making art! Once breaking through budgets over $100,000 there are so many boxes that need ticking. Seriously considering employing an arts manager to streamline this process.