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Ava Amedi studio


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During Ava’s time on site, he will work on a project called ‘Where Are You Now?’. It will address a problem that many artists face: the expectation to speak in grandiose terms about their practises when in public, a constant projection of excellence for those who consume their work. Through the intimacy offered by an interview with a small audience, ‘Where are you now?’ will instead allow artists to take stock of where their careers currently stand.

Ava Amedi is a writer and musician. He’s interested in pop-songwriting, artist interview and various non-fiction writing styles. His recent work has been made with the support of Arts House, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Un Projects and Djed Press.

You can find Ava on Instagram @alumied

Ava Amedi

November 2019

This is my first ever studio residency. So the first thing I’ve been experimenting with is time, shifting my schedule around to be as on-site as much as possible. I’m also experimenting with my newfound title of ‘artist with a residency under his belt’. It’s been interesting moving into the world of professional artistry, I admire the work of the residents I’m getting to know. I’ve been making music, bringing people into space and writing a lot. I finalised my piece for ACCA in the studio, and I am working on music/ articles atm. Super excited for what’s coming 🙂

I might just riff on the idea of what questions are playing in my head atm, in regards to what brought me to these experiments. Am I a musician? Can I actually push through the malaise and make some work I’m proud of/ feels publishable? Will I be at the studio for long enough during my stay? (I’m currently aiming for at least 15 days a month). Will the interview series be successful? There are vulnerabilities and doubt swimming around my head, I hope to clear a lot of it up moving forward.

Getting people onto the site has been a new experience for me, being like ‘hey you’re my friend, I like your work, please come and visit me’. I’m trying to have the studio be a place for people I admire to come and do some work, feel friendly. I’m reading allot of Jia Tolentino atm. Cultural criticism and non-fiction, in general, is central to my own writing, performing and interview styles. I’m also discussing the project allot with people, pulling people onsite to work at my desk feels like an act of research and experimentation. Being able to offer the opportunity of workspace to people is great. Also, the site is making me realise how inept I am at making things with my hands, I might try to challenge that moving forward.

My piece ‘Paintings and Pop’ will be released in late November by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA).


Poem by Ava

December 2019

Last month I help my first interview, which happened in front of a small audience with Mossy Pebbles and Fjorn Butler. We explored their working relationship, their co-produced movement piece ‘Haunting the Flesh’ and what they’ve learnt from each other. I found it challenging, as I was coming from a bizarre week of work and emotions. I was learning logistical tricks about the venue, and how to better temper my headspace in the face of an important public engagement. I’ve also been working on music; I aim to release some stuff, hopefully before the end of 2019. And I’m thinking about how to incorporate the transcripts of these interviews into a larger whole. I was also experimenting with the goals of the residency; how am I measuring success? What do I want to have completed by the end of March? How can I better give people access to my studio space and time? How might this residency set me up for future creative work? I’m grateful to have time and space to explore these questions.

Doing this residency has exposed me to these questions. All of it feels like growing up; these questions are tied to my emerging artistry, and as someone making work in this economy. I’ve been working through some hard personal circumstance, these questions have anchored me in something tangible and actionable.

I’m approaching my research with more structure! I’m splitting my time between ‘creative’ and ‘administration’, to better focus my mind. I’m starting my days with administrative work, then trying to split off into creative. Keeping them separate is making more sense to me. To get a bit nerdy, I got a new snazzy iPhone task-management app (my faves are ‘clear’ and ‘things’).

Please look forward to my next interview! It’ll be in January with Roberta Rich from the studio program 🙂 I’m also excited to be interviewing writer Chi Tran. 🙂

Chatting on site